I was born a unicorn:

imaginative writer-type meets detail-oriented taskmaster who’s 10 minutes early for absolutely everything. And it has served me well (professionally, at least).

I’ve been as effective working in highly structured corporate environments at behemoth, Fortune-whatever companies as I’ve been in small shops with a more freestyle approach to, well, everything.

That unique experience has given me executive presence without compromising my innate drive to roll up my sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. And I always get the job done.


content creation

It’s all about storytelling and giving people a reason to care. I know how to tell the right stories at the right times through the right channels.

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Creating authentic brand personalities that people love to love? Totally my thing. I can help you develop a brand that has a unique point of view and speaks with purpose.

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I can help you put together the pieces that creatives need to do great work—creative briefs, value props, and other positioning. And I’ll use that input to craft themes and messaging that your audiences can’t ignore.

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If it involves words, I’ve probably done it. If it involves tap dancing, I’ve definitely done it. Just ask.

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“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing style. So hard to find someone who brings both good ideas and conversational style to content.”

—Agency owner